Joanne’s Library and Reading Club

Since the beginning of 2014 there is a small library and playroom in Apollo’s house called Joanne’s Library and Reading Club. It started out only for “Joanne’s children” and those of Apollo but it appealed to many children from Apollo’s community. Not only books are available but also educational toys like Duplo and Lego. On an average, thirty children come daily to Apollo’s and Innocent’s house to read and play and in the weekends there are more than sixty children. Only the children whose parents do not have the financial means to send their children to school are allowed to come. We hope this will improve their chances later in life.

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Every day the children are welcome at Apollo’s and Innocent’s house from 16.00 – 18.00 hours and it is a joy to see the children run to “Joanne’s Library” because they can’t wait to read and play.

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All the children sit outside under the awning of Apollo’s house, but when it is raining the children have to sit inside.

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This is not a situation we want so, if our finances allow, we plan to rebuild the storeroom so that the children can read and play in there.


Thanks to donations we were able to buy children’s books at a local bookshop in Masaka.


The local carpenter has made a beautiful bookcase for the books and toys.

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There is one special boy who visits Joanne’s Library every day we wish to mention. His name is Owen, he is nine years old and he has Down syndrome. Children with a handicap are often left to themselves or even locked away in Uganda. According to Apollo and Innocent, Owen’s development has improved immensely thanks to the fact that his parents allow him to visit Apollo and Innocent.

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