Miracle Joanne was born 28th March 2008. She is Jovia’s daughter and the sister of Agape and Tendo.

Joanne met Jovia in 2007 and she became closely involved with this family . When a daughter was born in 2008 she was named after Joanne: Miracle Joanne.

Both Jovia and Miracle are HIV infected. When Joanne saw Miracle in 2008 she was very concerned about Miracle’s health. She was ill to the point that Joanne was not sure if Miracel was going to survive.

When we first met Miracle she was 19 months old, she couldn’t crawl, she couldn’t walk, and her condition was really very bad.


We then started a food program; we were told that HIV medication only succeeds in combination with good food. Every month Apollo visits Miracle to give her fruit, vegetables, fish, eggs and milk powder. Because of that she is getting progressively better and her doctors are very satisfied with her health.


At school, the Little Stars Junior Academy, she works hard and her teachers are happy with her attitude and her results.

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