The board of the Joanne Foundation

The Board of the foundation consists of the following persons:

Arent Noordink   chairman
Helma Noordink  secretary and treasurer
Elske Baron          board member
Anja Lammers     board member, contact person for Star Project

Our local partner in Uganda is Mr. Katuusi Apollo, he is not a board member but he coordinates all initiatives in Uganda on behalf of the Joanne Foundation.

Arent en Helma Noordink

Helma and Arent are Joanne’s parents and with the help of family and friends they try to continue Joanne’s dream. A driving force is the thought that Joanne has no future anymore but we can try and give “her children” in Uganda a chance to a better future.

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Thanks to the fact that Joanne’s friends continued the Mukwano Foundation, Arent and Helma were able to focus on the children and families that Joanne tried to support with the help of sponsors. “What would Joanne have done” characterizes their attitude.

Arent and Helma visit Uganda regularly to keep up to date on the children, the schools and the local situation.


Weekly they keep in touch with the local coordinator Apollo who informs them about the children, the schools and the current projects.


Elske Baron

Elske is a teacher at the High school in Aalten, the school Joanne also attended and where Helma and Arent taught as well. In 2009, when Joanne was still missing, students of the school wanted to help and, supervised by Elske, they started activities to raise money for “Joanne’s children”. One of the main activities is selling products at the weekly market in Aalten.

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These students are no longer attending the school, but every year there are many new students who want to continue raising money for the Joanne Foundation. Elske also visits Uganda regularly.


Anja Lammers

Anja first got in touch with “Joanne’s Children” when she spent her holidays in Uganda in 2013. During this holiday she met a few of the children as well as Apollo and his wife Innocent. She was impressed with these two strong people and she really wanted to help support them and the project.


She is an educational consultant and she uses her competence in advising the schools Joanne’s children are attending. It is one of Anja’s functions to keep in touch with Apollo’s Star Project and coördinate the financial requests of the Star Project.