About us


It all started with Joanne….

Together with some friends Joanne Noordink went to Uganda to do some voluntary work in 2006. She and her group volunteered to work on a building project for an orphanage in Masaka: the Jireh Children Centre.

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When Joanne returned after three weeks, it was clear that she wasn’t finished in Uganda… So much had to be done there and she discovered that you don’t need much to help improve the lives of those children who have no opportunity to improve their lives. That’s why she left for Uganda again in 2007 to work at the Jireh Children Centre for six months. During that period she met a number of very poor children who she tried to stimulate to go to school by paying their tuition.


After this period Joanne realized that the best way to help these children would be to return to Holland, to find a paid job and sponsors. In doing so from Holland she could help these children in a better way than staying in Uganda.
Fortunately Joanne had many friends and colleagues who helped her to raise enough money to pay the tuition for six children.

In the meantime Joanne and a few friends had founded the Mukwano Foundation. Their mission was to establish a project in Buhweju, in the south-western part of Uganda, where they wished to build a church, a school and a clinic.

Because of the fact that the Mukwano Foundation was not aimed at helping individual people, Joanne concentrated on “her” six children personally.

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In 2008 fate struck us a terrible blow.

In December she was murdered, her beautiful life filled with ideals, with plans, with dreams ended abruptly….

She lived to be only 27 years old but she lived a life in which she meant so much for other people, a life in which she launched so many plans and ideas.

The Joanne Foundation will continue her lifework, her dream to improve the situation for disadvantaged children in Uganda.