Jovia’s shop

Nakabanda Jovia is the mother of Tendo, Miracle and Agape. She was Joanne’s best friend in Uganda and they were very close.


Jovia is a single mother and she is doing her best to take care of her children. The Joanne Foundation supports her by paying the tuition for her children and the food Miracle needs because of her HIV infection.


Jovia is very grateful for the support she gets but she told us that she wanted to find work so that she can make a living and take care of her children herself. Her dream was to start her own shop.


We helped her start the shop. The front room of her small house was rebuilt into a shop. The people in her community are very poor so Jovia mainly sells sugar, milkpowder, cooking oil, flour and rice. She also sells toothpaste, shoe polish and homemade cookies.


Jovia is very proud of her little shop and the fact that she now has a (very) small income.