August 2017  Yiga

A few weeks ago Apollo met Yiga, a 15-year-old multiple handicapped boy with Down syndrome. He lives with his 72-year-old grandmother under very primitive circumstances. He doesn’t know his father and his mother dropped him at his grandmother’s place when he was one and she left without a trace. Yiga has never been to school so he can’t read or write. Recently he started visiting Joanne’s Library and Reading Club where Innocent reads with him and where he can play.
Innocent always makes sure that Yiga leaves with a full stomach.


The Joanne Foundation will try and find sponsors to further help this boy and his grandmother. Because they slept on a piece of plasic we bought mattresses and blankets for them. Yiga had found some old clothing and slippers on a landfill so Apollo provided him with some new clothes and slippers.