Rainy season

At the moment it is the rainy season in Uganda and this means that it often rains very heavily with the result that roads are flooded and impassable and villages can’t often be reached. Mateete, the village where Jovia lives and where the Little Stars school is located, is difficult to reach at the moment due to the heavy rains.

Jovia tries to collect rainwater in order to have clean drinking water by improvising a sort of funnel.


We intend to install gutters and a big watertank to supply Jovia, and her neighbours, with sufficient clean water for a longer period. At the end of July the PeGeWe will organize the Winterswijk-fourday-bicycletour and we are happy that part of the proceeds is meant for the Joanne Foundation.
This will help us pay for the installation of the gutters and watertank.